Maizzle Email Framework

Framework for Rapid Email Prototyping

Maizzle is an email framework that helps you quickly build emails with utility-first CSS and advanced, email-specific post-processing.

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Tailwind CSS

Who said CSS frameworks should only be used for websites?

Maizzle uses the Tailwind CSS framework, so you can rapidly prototype HTML emails just by adding classes to your markup. Once satisfied with the dev preview, build for production to generate clean HTML with inlined styles and many other, email-specific optimizations.


Markup you already know, no need to learn custom tags and attributes

Maizzle doesn't require learning custom syntax: you write your own, real HTML. There are no hardcoded components burried in the framework core. This enables maximum flexibility, and ensures your code is portable, as it should be.

Bring Your Own HTML.

Build Environments

Distinct settings for any number of build scenarios

Define custom settings for as many build scenarios as you need by simply duplicating the default config.js. Using dummy data locally, but fetching from an API when staging? Prettified markup for your colleagues, but minified for production?

All possible.

Maizzle Features

Customizable tools, crafted for email development

Start building awesome emails

Install Maizzle and start building your first email in seconds. Read the docs to learn about advanced features and concepts, or checkout the examples.

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Made with ❤ for email, open sourced under the MIT license.